3 ways to build a local marketing strategy with video

3 ways to build a local marketing strategy with video


Have you reviewed your local marketing strategy since Google first introduced its Local Business search tools? Or has it just gathered dust since then! Let’s face it, there’s always been something new to focus on. However, now might be the time to dig out and review your local marketing strategy doc.

Just as people trust word of mouth for recommendations, consumers follow the lead of their closest social media associates when it comes to trusting brands online. That’s according to an article we spotted recently on Social Media Today. And, with an 11% rise in local marketing recently, marketers are beginning to understand the increasing importance of local connections, too.

It will come as no surprise that video now accounts for around a third of all web activity, but recent data has revealed just how much engagement occurs locally, with 92% of people who watch mobile videos sharing them with their social networks.

So, how can you engage your local audience and leverage the power of video at the same time? Social Media Today suggests these three top tips:

Create local partnerships

To help your company be seen as a local partner, get involved with local people and businesses. Whether it’s finding well-known influencers and featuring them in videos on your Facebook or Instagram channels, asking them to conduct a social takeover, or looking for ways you can collaborate with other local businesses, it’s all about increasing your local visibility online.

Make the most of local pride

People take pride in where they live, and why shouldn’t they? Every town or city will have its own unique plus points so show that you appreciate them, too. Share videos or images of you enjoying all the local area has to offer.

Foster engagement by creating a promotion linked to a big, local event. Set up a custom hashtag and get users to participate in the promotion by sharing videos or images – this will generate user-created content that you can use at a later date and capitalises on the buzz surrounding the event.

Sharing is caring

Tag or encourage local celebrities and public officials to share your content with their followers. But, remember that relationships work both ways – by sharing other people’s content, they are likely to return the favour the next time you have a product or service to promote.

The most important thing to remember when creating local marketing strategies is to make sure you’re being authentic. People know when companies are genuine and value the content more highly! Sometimes, you have to think on the small scale to see big rewards.

Google loves local authority

It is clear that being active in your local community is beneficial in building a strong brand in your area; that fact pre-dates the internet. However, by making yourself aware of the digital marketing opportunities out there, you’ll know how to leverage your local activity online to create the maximum benefit.

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