Are you on top of the latest eCommerce tech trends?

Are you on top of the latest eCommerce tech trends?


It’s no secret that technology enables marketers to increase sales and improve the customer experience. E-commerce decision makers are getting in on the act, too, increasingly investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality according to new research by Salmon.

As this futuristic tech becomes a more frequent factor in the lives of consumers, brands that invest in this technology will not only be meeting growing customer demands, but will also be able to drastically improve customer service and experience.

But what e-Commerce tech trends should you follow?

According to the study, 61% of e-commerce directors are investing in IoT, robots (69%), machine learning (60%) and virtual/mixed reality (59%).

The emergence of Amazon Echo and Google Home has also resulted in 53% deciding to invest in voice interface technology.

Uh oh, time for a Coldplay reference…

Hate to quote Coldplay, but “nobody said it was easy”… The downside to technology evolving at lightning speed means that it isn’t always clear which solutions will be short-lived fads and which ones will be around for the long term.

And this sentiment seems to be shared by those working in e-commerce. Despite the benefits technology brings, over a third (36%) of respondents expressed difficulties in committing to new tech as a result of concerns about investing in the wrong area.

What’s more, the research found that nearly half (47%) felt that they had invested in tech that had been a waste of money.

Still time to get ahead of the e-commerce tech curve

Not everyone is ready for the future. Of those questioned, nearly a third (29%) said they don’t have the technology in place to cope with the emerging trends of the next five years, while 20% said they lack the tech to keep pace with the niche players.

With more technology comes more data, and this is another concern for those in e-commerce. The overwhelming majority (92%) of businesses cited needing to better analyse consumer data, while ensuring the company is able to react quickly to change was a major challenge also noted by just under half (48%).

It is, perhaps, then not surprising that nearly three quarters (74%) said they plan to switch e-commerce platforms in the next 12-18 months.

The pace at which technology is now changing is staggering, and can be overwhelming for marketers. Those working in e-commerce should take the time to find the tech that is┬ábest aligned with their customer needs and wants, and avoid adopting a technology just because “everyone is doing it”.

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