Boost your eCommerce Video Efforts: 7 Top Stats

Boost your eCommerce Video Efforts: 7 Top Stats


It’s hard to ignore the growing dominance of video as you scroll through any social media feed lately. Whether it’s a viral clip on YouTube, a live stream on Facebook, or a new Instagram story, brands and individuals are leveraging social video to get their message heard.

This is particularly true in the case of eCommerce, where new research suggests that video will soon become the main factor driving visitor engagement and increasing conversion. That’s a fact no-one should ignore.

7 Compelling eCommerce Video Stats

We recently came across an infographic shared by SocialMediaToday, which shared some insightful statistics about the burgeoning relationship between video content and online shopping. Here are seven of the most important findings:

1. Featuring video content on your web pages can contribute to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

2. Product videos increase the likelihood of users making a purchase by 85%.

3. Consumers are 46% more likely to search about a product online after seeing an online video about it.

4. Around 75% of Millennials rely on online videos when comparison shopping.

5. More than 50% of users who watch online videos on their smartphones, do so to help make purchasing decisions.

6. YouTube is still the predominant channel for video – video viewers cite is as being their top destination for finding videos about products or brands.

7. Websites containing video content hold visitors’ attention for longer, with people spending 88% more time on pages.

eCommerce Video is Essential for Conversion

For eCommerce managers looking to get those crucial extra percentage points in conversion, video is a must. Why? It’s simple: the main barrier to eCommerce conversion is the user’s uncertainty about exactly what they’re going to get when they open their package a few days later. So, videos that offer a 3D tour of the product – including its details, features and benefits – inform users exactly what to expect when that package arrives.

If you’re still unsure how to go about shooting, producing and uploading your own videos, don’t panic! Technological advances and tools mean you can produce your own videos for a fraction of what marketers paid in the past. Just set up a quiet corner of your office, get a rotating rostrum and shoot away with your smart phone. You’ll also need to download video editing software on your computer if you want to edit the final film.

OK so perhaps we’ve over simplified things a little, but the good news is you can give us a call if you need a hand! Our friendly team will be more than happy to help.