Your brand doesn’t offer an excellent Customer Experience

Are brands really striving to achieve an excellent Customer Experience? Reports have found customer experience has become increasingly average. Customer Think notes that research from both Forrester and KPMG Nunwood have revealed that consumers in the UK were three times more likely to have a poor customer experience in 2017 than they were in 2016.

Not only did Forrester report that there has been no improvement to overall customer experience in the UK, there has also been a decline in the number of brands in the excellent Customer Experience category, falling to nil.

Meanwhile, the KPMG Nunwood research found CX in the UK is at the worst level ever recorded in the eight-year study. Customer experience this year has moved to mediocrity, with companies becoming more ‘average’.

As we enter the ‘experience era’, brands can’t afford to not make this a priority. But perhaps the issue comes from discrepancies surrounding the concept of experience?

Excellent Customer Experience isĀ  rare

Writing for Campaign, Ladbrokes’ former chief customer officer, Kristof Fahy, acknowledges the huge shift in marketing.

Whereas brands used to have just one or two channels, providing marketers with clear behavioural insights, the digital age has given consumers immense choice in how and when they connect with brands. And, regardless of the channels they use, they quite rightly expect this experience to work seamlessly across the whole business.

While the digital age has given marketers more opportunities to deliver customer experience, it doesn’t mean they’re getting it right.

Fahy argues that consumers only have the one experience of your brand; they don’t see brands as a set of touchpoints and marketers need to realise that.

Consumers don’t think in Marketing silos

When consumers check their mobile first thing in the morning, they don’t log that they’ve just had a ‘mobile experience’ with a brand. They don’t log that they’ve had a retail experience when they pop into that shop. And they don’t think about the fact they’ve had a desktop experience when checking that brand’s website at work. For them, it is all just the one experience with your brand.

There’s a good chance that all these different touchpoints within your brand are managed by different teams, so how do you provide a seamless experience? Marketers need to stop their old ways of thinking, creating experience silos, and instead look at the complete customer journey end-to-end.

Your customers drive your profit and businesses need to stop thinking of customer experience as a passing fad. It is, and always has been, about how your audience interacts with your brand across their whole journey. Marketers need to recognise the value of customer experience as a source of revenue.

Customer Experience excellence lies in the detail

Fahy concluded that marketers should be leading the customer experience charge, explaining they need to be “clear about defining the experience you want them to have, building that and looking after them at every single point of their journey with your business.”

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