Why do customers want e-commerce apps?

Why do customers want e-commerce apps?


According to Business Reporter, purchases made through an e-commerce app are three times more likely to be completed than purchases made through a website.

But before you rush off to the nearest app designer, retailers need to understand what’s driving consumers to apps over websites in the first place.

In order to understand why consumers felt the need to purchase through apps instead of through mobile sites, Clutch surveyed more than 500 e-commerce app users and found that the main reasons they used apps were:

Deals and offers

More than two thirds (68%) said they chose to use an app as they hoped it would provide them with better deals and offers from the brand.


The ability to shop any time and anywhere is what drove 65% of consumers to use apps.

Product and price comparison

Over six in 10 (62%) respondents said they download apps as they enable them to compare products and prices on their mobile more easily. This shouldn’t be that surprising, as we live in an increasingly price-conscious age, with a report by e-tailing revealing that 94% of online shoppers look around for the best price.

Saves time

More than half (55%) use apps as they speed up the purchasing process in a physical store.

So what other features do consumers want?

Brands need to think about introducing more personalisation to their apps, as the research revealed consumers want e-commerce apps to include:

Personalised discounts — 59% would like apps to personalise their in-store experience with discounts.Discount notifications — 63% of consumers use their favourite apps to get deals and offers, but 84% would opt-in for push notifications about deals and discounts, while 85% would like to receive these notifications based on past purchases.Loyalty — Consumers want rewards for their loyalty, and 80% said they would use a business’s loyalty scheme if it could sync up with the app.Recommendations — 70% would like their e-commerce apps to tailor content based on browsing behaviour and past purchases.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the data they generate and how retailers can utilise it to provide them with a more personalised and seamless shopping experience.

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