Digital user experience builds brands fast!

Digital user experience builds brands fast!


Think offering lower prices will give you the edge over your competitor? While tightening the margins might help, consumers are increasingly being swayed by positive user experience (UX), when making their choice of brand. If low margins become unsustainable, and there’s been no investment in aligning UX with consumer expectations, a price rise could be catastrophic for brands.

Essentially, we believe that that simple, thoughtful and integrated user experiences are essential for building strong brands with loyal customers.

Differentiate your brand with great User Experience

As Marketing Week discusses, one of the best case studies demonstrating the growing importance of UX is utilities companies.

The product consumers pay for, be it water, gas or electric, is the same regardless of the supplier they use. Ultimately, what they choose to pay for is the service they receive. However, utilities providers are starting to realise that, for a lot of customers, user experience, including ease of use, is as much a differentiator as price.

Usability is a key area of the digital user experience, as technology provides both companies and consumers with a cheaper and quicker platform.

Speaking to Marketing Week at ISBA’s annual conference, director of brand marketing at British Gas, Margaret Jobling, explained that the company is taking a digital-first approach: “We need to move to be self-serve, always-on, personalised and targeted in how we talk to our customers,”.

This is an approach that many companies could benefit from.

Great User Experience can be a Unique Selling Point

Co-author of Econsultancy’s ‘User Experience and Interaction Design for Mobile and Web’ guide, Steffan Aquarone, described usability as “the single most powerful way to beat the competition” adding that “making things easier is such a powerful benefit that it seems to be the fastest way of spreading the news, too.”

In its design guide, Econsultancy recommends user experience must be:

Viable then Consistent (solve the same types of problems in the same way, for example form fields) then Predictable (are unfamiliar tasks easy for users to tackle?) then with appropriate Friction (highlight areas that might cause problems, for example the little bounce when you hit the bottom of a page) and Flow (promoted actions, such as auto-filling fields) then Branded (build an emotional connection with users, conveying identity or personality).


user experience pyramid

user experience pyramid

UX is now an integral part of customer support, as consumers are no longer willing to wait on a telephone line, instead turning to live chat and social media to get a more efficient response. Customer expectations are increasing, and if your customer support doesn’t meet those needs, they’ll look elsewhere.

If this hasn’t swayed you to realise the importance of UX, maybe seeing it from a different viewpoint will help. Digital experience is now part of a broadening definition of ‘brand’, and how consumers see your brand will be impacted by their user experience.

With digital user experience now as important a differentiator as product or price, is your website and mobile experience as good as it good could be?

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