Disruptive Marketing Technology for 2018

Are you already planning to make the most of disruptive marketing technology next year? From goals to investments, marketing managers are beginning to plan their sales and marketing strategies for 2018.

But what exactly are they focusing on? According to a new study discussed by Netimperative, new technologies are firmly in their sights. Let’s take a look at some of the options that could be featuring in your new year plans…

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The survey, conducted by OnePoll for Purch, found that augmented and virtual reality are top of the agenda for the majority of marketers, with 72% revealing they are planning to use AR and VR as part of their marketing strategy in 2018.

But it seems that some marketers don’t want to wait, with 10% revealing they already have a functioning AR or VR element in their campaigns.

It is perhaps unsurprising that marketers are so keen to invest in VR, as more than a third (38%) of marketing managers believe the tech will quickly be adopted into UK consumer buying habits.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a recent Forbes article notes, artificial intelligence has a wide range of potential uses in marketing. From providing deeper insights through data analysis, to increasing efficiency, AI could really change marketing as we know it.

The tech’s seemingly endless capabilities are probably what is driving marketers to AI. However, a report by IBM Institute for Business Value found discrepancies between organisations and how ready they are to adopt AI, with 88% of outperforming companies more likely to say they are prepared, compared to 57% of others.

Voice Search

Voice-enabled technology is going to be huge. As Search Engine People highlights, this tech is being integrated into all manner of devices, from smartphones and smart speakers, to appliances, wearables and IOT.

Purch’s survey revealed that 42% of marketers have voice interface on their 2018 roadmap, with 8% already implementing a voice aspect into their operations. Perhaps more significantly, just 18% said they had no immediate plans to integrate a voice interface into their strategy next year.

It’s clear that marketers see voice as being a key technology. In fact, statistics discussed by Search Engine People show that the overwhelming majority (87%) of B2C marketers in the US believe virtual assistants and chatbots will play a vital role in the marketing journey by 2021.

However, it is worth noting that nearly two thirds (63%) of internet users have concerns about voice-enabled technology spying on them. If you’re looking to integrate voice technology with your marketing next year, increase campaign success by ensuring you are transparent with your audience.

Time to consider disruptive marketing technology?

With marketers keen to invest so heavily in technology, it seems that 2018 could spark a revolution in the way marketers approach and engage with their customers.

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