Does your AI need a human face?

Branding boosts customer loyalty, helps deliver your message, and aids customers to emotionally connect with your product or service. As The Balance recently explained, branding is now more complex than the slogans and designs your company uses. But, with the increasing competitiveness of the marketing space, branding is also more important than ever.

So, if we think of branding as “the perception that a consumer has when they hear or think of your company name, service or product”, what does this mean for the age of artificial intelligence?

According to research discussed by Digiday, half of marketing leaders have already implemented AI and a quarter plan to pilot AI-powered programmes over the course of the next two years. It is clear that AI is here to stay.

While AI may live in the digital world, marketers will need to use branding to help build trust between the tech and consumers. But how can you brand AI? Could the answer lie in humanising the technology?

That’s exactly what agency Wolff Olins did with Alibaba’s AI product, ET Brain, launched at this year’s Winter Olympics, The Drum reports.

“AI is a crucial part of the next wave of digital disruption, and tech is becoming ever more integrated into the world around us, which means brands will need identities that are more intelligent and built for this world.

“It’s a totally different way of thinking and existing, which is a super exciting challenge for creatives. Branding the invisible means we must go beyond being purely expressive: we have to create intelligent identities that can respond to people in smart ways,” creative director at Wolff Olins, Emma Barratt, commented.

AI has the potential to transform the efficiency and success of marketing campaigns but, in order for consumers to warm to the technology, brands need to adopt a sophisticated and user-friendly approach.

The aim for Wolff Olins was to get consumers to “relate to ET Brain like an intelligent, reliable and approachable person — somebody they might want to spend time with and trust.”

While this should be the aim for every brand — we need to move the narrative surrounding AI away from Skynet to something more positive — the way marketers make their AI relatable should be unique and reflect the personality of their company. And make sure that character is consistent across all platforms, whether as a voice, an interface, or an avatar.

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