Form over function? 90% of businesses need to improve website conversion!

Form over function? 90% of businesses need to improve website conversion!


What’s the most important thing about your website? Would you say how well it performs, how many conversions it makes, or how good it looks?  Most businesses get so wrapped up in the design element of their site, they lose focus on the actual website conversion and selling functions, a new piece of research suggests.

Just one in ten business owners focus on website conversion

According to an article on, a recent survey found that just one in ten business owners focus on conversion when consulting with their marketing agency over their site. Less than 9% of the consultation time is dedicated to the user experience, and just 3% of the process is spent on brand development.

Even though nearly every business said they were building a website to make more money, a worrying 91% did not factor this in when it came to their web design plans.

Most of the consultation time was divided between aesthetics (27%) and content (38%). Now obviously these are important things to get right, particularly in terms of capturing the interest of web visitors; but they are meaningless if that visitor doesn’t convert to making a purchase or enquiry. So rather than making money, the business is effectively losing it.

Your website should be a sales driver

With any website, the underlying goal should be to make your investment worthwhile. Websites aren’t just there to look pretty, they’re there to do a job; gain more customers and make you more money. By providing a positive user experience with clear purchase beacons, your visitors are more likely to make contact with you.

Having built websites for hundreds of our clients, we know the projects that focus on creating the simplest customer journey are usually the most successful.

Unfortunately, the simplest customer journey is not always the most obvious. In these cases, agencies have a responsibility to challenge a brief and put forward best-practice alternatives. Focusing on website conversion can mean that project planning takes more time, but we believe it’s time well spent; the strongest ROI unquestionably arises from having single-minded focus on building a great user experience.

Luckily for Fireworx clients, beautiful design just happens to be an added bonus of our web development projects!