How to overcome a restrictive PPC budget

Here at Fireworx we love a good marketing challenge, and few channels can offer as many hurdles that need overcoming as paid search marketing. Whether it is misconceptions about never using broad-match keywords, or that you must rank in the top ad position to run a profitable campaign, we’re here to set the record straight and provide clients with jargon-free advice.

One of the most frequently raised problems when discussing prospective PPC campaigns is a lack of budget or media spend, which is compounded by high cost-per-click bids. This creates unfeasible campaigns that are unprofitable if not managed correctly, and sours decision-makers from committing future budgets to an online marketing spend.

In the video below, our Head of Digital, Ross Miles, outlines three easy ways in which you overcome these particular digital marketing challenges and get your paid search marketing back on track…

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