Conversion Rate Optimisation.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

What exactly is conversion rate optimisation? Simply put, in the case of digital marketing, it’s the process of increasing the rate at which people ‘convert’ when on your website.

But what is a conversion? A conversion in this instance is when a visitor to your website takes an action you want them to take. This can be a whole range of activities, for a variety for reasons, such as a product purchase, a sign-up for a monthly newsletter, the download of an in-house produced white paper, a member logging in to their account, a visitor watching a video for over 30 seconds, or many, many other possible conversion points.

Contrary to popular belief, CRO is not just about Green button vs Red button!

Focus initially on improving one or two of the key metrics on your site.

To isolate causality for changes in conversion, only tweak one variable at a time, and ensure you build up enough data to draw robust conclusions.

Research and planning.

There are several approaches when it comes to planning a CRO project, but primarily it is about analysing and benchmarking how users interact with your website, identifying areas for improvement and testing the proposed changes.

Whether this is investigating causes for shopping cart abandonments or trialling new calls-to-action to drive more subscription sign-ups, our conversion rate optimisation specialists tackle each aspect of a project with a highly systematic and analytical approach.

Our modus operandi is to begin any CRO work with a deep analysis and audit of your Analytics data to provide a benchmark for performance levels and highlight potential problem areas. Our experts will analyse the journeys of your users, using different devices and browsers in order to build a clearer picture of your audience, consumers and business, and how they interact with your digital properties.

Hypothesis and testing.

Having completed our auditing and research we will establish a hypothesis to be tested, with the goal of providing measurable improvements to your key website metrics and further learnings about your customers and their user journeys.

Testing typically takes the form of A/B or multivariate tests, which are closely monitored until the data collected shows us that the collected data is of statistical significance.

These results are then analysed against our initial hypothesis and either the outcomes are incorporated into our wrap-up recommendations, or the data collected forms the basis for the next stages of the project’s testing schedule.

Conversion rate optimisation is an ongoing process; there is always some aspect of your website or digital marketing where, to use a sporting analogy, you can make ‘incremental gains’.

CRO processes.

There are many processes that we can use during a CRO project depending on your requirements, which can include:

  • Web Analytics Audit
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Copy Optimisation
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis
  • Online Surveys / Customer Feedback
  • Heat and Click Mapping
  • User Journey Analysis