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Digital transformation.

Today, every business is a digital business. We help our clients embrace digital technology and realise their potential. This doesn’t mean refreshing your digital strategy, it’s more than that.

Digital transformation is about placing data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovation at the heart of your business plan.

If you’re ready to take the next step and engage your customers on their terms, on their battleground, then challenge us to kick start your digital transformation.

Make the most out of
digital transformation.

Think connected. It’s an essential strategy for the digital age.

Let data guide your decision-making and drive real-time decisions that affect your business’ bottom line.

Embrace automation. It will streamline workloads, save time and allow staff to switch focuses to where they are most needed.

Promote innovative working, such as using collaborative tools, cloud computing and video conferencing to facilitate remote working.

Digital integration.

Twenty years ago there was no Facebook or Twitter, the iPhone hadn’t been invented, and streaming services were inconceivable on dial-up modems. It’s hardly surprising that some businesses are lagging behind when it comes to digital, and need to integrate new technology into their business model.

The first stage of digital transformation is to fully incorporate and integrate digital technology, platforms and processes into every aspect of your business. This starts with data collection across all areas; your website, your marketing and your customers, but can also encompass migrating to the cloud, using video conferencing and instant messaging to facilitate an agile workforce, enabling automation in your marketing and reporting, or using social media to have a direct relationship with your clients.

Leveraging digital.

The strength of digital resides in its data. Attribution and segmentation are your friends and will empower your decision-makers to make better choices that impact your business’ bottom line.

Understanding that 4pm – 6pm weekdays is when your website drives the highest conversion rate, but the biggest ROI on your marketing spend comes at a weekend between 11am-2pm can reshape how you plan future campaigns. Equally, knowing Mr. Thomas recently abandoned a shopping cart worth over £500 could trigger your CRM to email him a 10% discount voucher to encourage him to convert.

Digital optimisation.

Essentially digital transformation is a process of optimising your business’ profitability by streamlining and improving the way you work, communicate and sell by having a digital-first ethos. With such a wealth of data at your fingertips through analytics packages and sophisticated content management systems, digital transformation allows your decision-makers to make impactful decisions and refines your marketing strategies.


A recent IBM report suggested that 80% of customer service requests could be dealt with by a chatbot. Chatbot technology can not only increase sales with its ‘always on’ nature, but also helps in reducing costs.

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