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google analytics & tag manager services

Data and digital go hand-in-hand. Our Google Analytics services will put you in the driving seat to make impactful decisions that benefit your bottom line thanks to actionable data. Whether that is managing a marketing spend more efficiently, or running a better converting website, with clear and understandable insights being delivered by your Analytics data, you’ll be in a position to optimise your digital presence.

Analytics and Tag Manager are provided free by Google. Every site should make use of Google Analytics suite at a minimum

What is your site designed to do? Set-up goals to provide you with insight into how users are interacting with your site

With your goals in place, you can start to identify your better performing marketing activity

Use Tag Manager to listen for and record bespoke user actions on the site and report into Google Analytics

auditing and implementation

If you don’t have Google Analytics tracking set up, or don’t trust that your current data is accurate, then our Analytics implementation and auditing service is for you.

As part of this process we will ensure that your website is using the most up to date Analytics script. Google is deprecating older versions of its tracking code such as analytics.js, ga.js and urchin.js, moving over all accounts to use Global Site Tag (gtag.js), so it’s important that your site tracking code is up to date to ensure your data is reliable and accurate. Also, by setting up Analytics on your website we will be able to start collecting data about client behaviour, customer journeys, popular content, visitor demographics, attribution modelling and much more.

Implementing Google Tag Manager in addition to Global Site Tag will shift the ownership of Analytics tagging and tracking into the hands of digital marketers and away from your developers. This makes the tag management process more efficient and helps reduces the costs associated with advanced tracking techniques. In addition, this empowers marketers by giving them the means to identify trends and triggers in user behaviour, and then shape future decisions around this information.

consultancy and management

Our Google Analytics consultancy service enables business’ to get the most from their Analytics tools, and start to really benefit from the data they’re collecting.

Fireworx’ in-house consultants will work closely with you to understand your overarching business objectives, ensuring that your Analytics account is able to monitor whether your website is achieving those goals, and report effectively back to your team on progress towards your KPIs.

Our consultancy service is tailored to the specific needs of your company, allowing for a bespoke response to your unique requirements. This can include recommending appropriate online goals and events to track, the creation of custom reports and dashboards, user behaviour analysis and conversion funnel auditing.

analysis and reporting

Take the next step with your Analytics data by delving deeper with more advanced reporting and analysis. Custom Analytics reports allow users to specify the dimensions and metrics reported on, and how the data is displayed, providing valuable insights that will empower the decision-making process. Custom dashboards are a collection of widgets that give you an overview of the reports and metrics you care about most, letting you monitor many data points at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports.

Both custom reports and dashboards can be scheduled to be sent to recipients in multiple formats, enabling digital marketers to create personalised reports with varying levels of detail for co-workers, department heads and directors as needed.

google analytics training

Fireworx offer bespoke training packages that can be shaped to your specific organisational requirements. Upskill your in-house teams and take control of your data. Learn how to manage user access, identify trends in how you customers are using your site, create reports and dashboards, and track interactions and conversions on your site.

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