Marketing literature.

Print is dead.

Whether it’s the smell and feel of leather bound novel, or the simple joy of a child reading their first book, the rise of iPads and Kindles, eBooks and audiobooks, has consigned the good ol’ printed tome to history’s scrapheap alongside video cassettes and mini-disks… or has it?

You only have to visit a property developer, a car dealership, a dentist waiting room or even your own post-box to know that print media is far from dead. BUY ONE GET TWO the gaudy takeaway flyers scream. But why? We could quote figures that suggest it’s 25% easier to read from paper than a screen but what we’re really talking about is a tactile experience that can’t be replicated in any other way, (yet).

Literature considerations.

Have a clear purpose for any literature you produce and define clear goals that reflect this, so you can measure success.

Understand where your literature sits within the larger, integrated campaign, and the role it plays.

Define your target customer and the feeling your literature needs to engender in them.

Consider your budget and desired response based on the return on investment.

. Define your goals

. What role does it play?

. Who is the customer?


Creating & art working.

For us, an idea can inspire people, transport them, make them feel something positive. It can lodge itself in the brain. Be it brochures, stationery or direct mail, printed literature still plays a major role in engaging people.

With a mix of great design, copywriting, typographical handling, imagery or illustration we can help you bring your message to life.

Our methodology is always the same, how do we want people to feel and what response are we looking to generate; it informs the creative direction, messaging and even the choice of stock. No matter what the propositional bias you adopt, be it economy or luxury, the creative treatment drives the style of the communication to help the message drive home to the person reading it.


How important is the way something is written? It’s very f&*king important! [this message was approved by both the SEO and copy-writing teams]

The tone of voice and style a business uses when writing can define the way a brand is received. Humorous, intelligent, conversational, straight talking, shocking, it all goes towards building and emphasising brand values. Whether you’re Private Eye or The Beano, a Piers Morgan tweet or your MD’s website bio, the language used plays a crucial role.

You may have your own copywriting handled in house but if you need help, Fireworx is here to help your brand’s voice talk to your customers more effectively.

Printing & distribution.

Whether you’re weighing up a block foil finish over a 500gsm textured stock because you want to engender the feeling of high quality, or simply fire out a mass-run of 130gsm gloss for a multi-million door drop campaign promoting your latest sale, we’ve got a history of creating impactful printed literature that resonates and is remembered. We understand the power of putting the right words and design into the right person’s hands.

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