Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO agency services.

Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly known as SEO, is the processes and techniques used to drive more traffic to a website by improving its natural rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

As an SEO agency, at Fireworx we offer a full range of SEO services and consultancy packages, tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. If your company’s organic search rankings leave something to be desired, then get it touch and challenge us to make a difference.

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SEO considerations.

If you get it right, natural search can drive high levels of relevant traffic to your site at no cost!

To get it ‘right’, you need to prove your expertise and authority to Google.

In essence, Google favours new, unique and useful content. If you’re not publishing content, your SEO efforts are being undermined.

You should also aim to link and interact with other ‘high authority’ sites within your industry.

Use a keyphrase tool to focus on relevant words/phrases with the highest related search volume.

SEO consultancy.

Our in-house SEO experts will spend time working closely with you to understand your business objectives and position in your sector, and create a strong SEO strategy that empowers your digital decision-making.

This can include our SEO consultants defining appropriate project budgets, content marketing plans, on-site optimisation and link building campaigns.

SEO audits.

A SEO audit is a technical analysis showing how well optimised and SEO friendly a website is.

Our audits are broken down into five distinct sections;

  • Accessibility
  • Indexability
  • On-Page Ranking Factors
  • Off-Page Ranking Factors
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Your SEO consultant will provide you with an audit report highlighting any significant issues with your site and provide a clear roadmap of recommendations for improvement.
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Keyword research

The importance of keyword research cannot be under-estimated in an SEO marketing plan.

Using a variety of industry tools we will gauge the competitiveness of the market you operate in, and identify the viability of optimising for core keywords in your niche, and suggest appropriate on and off-page strategies that reflect these decisions.

On-site optimisation.

Our SEO services include an audit of your website’s structure, internal architecture and other key elements that are factored into the algorithms used by the major search engines in determining your search rankings.

This is then used to make specific recommendations on a page-by-page basis and will include suggestions for changes to meta titles and descriptions, your website content and copy, and internal linking and anchor text.

Content marketing.

Our content marketing professionals are experts in developing content and building relationships, all focused on improving online search visibility and authority with your consumers. And if you get it right for your customer, you’re on the right track to getting it right for Google.

We provide compelling, shareable content for your brand which will encourage your customers to act and in turn improve your online conversions. Content marketing is all about engaging, entertaining and inspiring new and existing customers with great articles, graphics and video. It offers your business the ability to build brand awareness, capture customer data, drive footfall and crucially, improve sales.

If you are interested in specifically content marketing services, we have a whole page dedicated to our content marketing services.