SMX London 2018 – Optimisation for Humans

Book the date in your diary folks! SMX London 2018 is just around the corner. The Search Marketing Expo has long been one of the biggest events in the industry and from 22-23 May it will be hosted by etc.venues in Central London.

If you haven’t been before, we highly recommend it (book your tickets here).

This year’s event kicks off with a keynote, Age of Assistance, from Google Engineer, Behshad Behzadi future-gazing at some of the things the big G has in the pipeline, specifically technology that is voice-activated, mobile-led and connected to the internet of things. These are all hot topics in the world of search, so keeping abreast of Google’s own take on these burgeoning technologies will ensure you’re on the right track in 2018.

The first day of the Expo also features a couple of talks you’ll certainly want to take in, if you’re a search geek like myself. Marcus Tober (Searchmetrics) and Marcela De Vito (SEMrush) have collaborated and will present a 75-minute session on SEO Ranking Factors In 2018: What’s Important, What’s Not. This is a subject matter that every search expert under the sun wants to know inside out, and who better to deliver a sermon on the subject than representatives from two of the biggest hitters in the search industry.

Switching tact to the paid advertising game for all the PPC Managers out there, the trifecta of The Art & Science of Crafting Successful Ads, Taking Audience Targeting to The Next Level, and Perfect Your SEM Testing: How & Why To Evaluate Everything jumped out as perfect primer into the holy trinity of paid search marketing skills; writing great ads, targeting the right audience and then reviewing and optimising your campaign. That sounds like a workflow conducive to a virtuous circle if I ever heard one!

There’ll be no pumping of the brakes on the Wednesday with Day Two of SMX London starting off hot. Winning With Social Ads would be my pick of the first talks. It takes a nuanced message to strike a balance as a brand on social these days, with potential consumers becoming savvier on social, and less tolerant of an overbearing brand presence, so hearing about the successes (and failures) the panellists have experienced in their social marketing efforts should be illuminating.

The pick of the talks throughout the remainder of the second day for me would be Searching For Shoppers: How To Succeed With E-commerce Campaigns and Google Tag Manager Can Do WHAT? I’m a huge fan of the power Tag Manager installs in a digital marketer, removing the burden of responsibility from your development team in amending code across the site for even basic event tracking. When a skilled marketer trained in Tag Manager can accomplish what a developer used to, in half the time, it positively benefits your agencies’ bottom-line.

The e-commerce presentation appeals as we have seen Google striving to provide richer and more dynamic search result pages over the last 12 months. This extends particularly to its shopping offering, and the Product Listing Ads. Show me a digital marketer worth their salt that doesn’t like an easy to track conversion point with an associated revenue, so getting a leg up on any competition by maximising your effectiveness via this channel is welcomed.

It’s going to be a busy couple of days. Hopefully there will be some time to say hello to friendly faces and meet some new folks too in between the talks! If you see me in the crowd, do come and say hello!

Oh, it’s probably worth mentioning, especially if you made it this far, that if you quote FWXSMX when booking your tickets, you’ll receive a 15% discount on all full-rate ticket prices. Now you have no excuse not to say “hi”.