Is augmented reality more than just a gimmick?

Augmented reality (AR) has been the ‘next big thing’ if you listen to marketing buzz for at least five years now, yet it’s a technology that has really struggled to break out of its niche [...]

Is augmented reality more than just a gimmick?2018-08-13T10:51:06+00:00

Is eye-tracking the next big marketing technology?

Eye-tracking technology might not be the newest kid on the block, but augmented reality is helping to give it a new lease of life, especially for brands and marketers. As BBN Times explains, eye-tracking measures [...]

Is eye-tracking the next big marketing technology?2018-08-13T10:51:06+00:00

Finding your voice

“The next big thing.” “You must use this tech.” “Brand success and therefore your success depends on it.” “Users are all over it.” “The future is here.” These same phrases are repeated time after time [...]

Finding your voice2018-08-13T10:51:34+00:00

Disruptive Marketing Technology for 2018

Are you already planning to make the most of disruptive marketing technology next year? From goals to investments, marketing managers are beginning to plan their sales and marketing strategies for 2018. But what exactly are [...]

Disruptive Marketing Technology for 20182019-02-21T11:05:56+00:00