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Our challenge was to re-invent and re-focus the 4DS brand and digital presence, as well as launching a site for their new ‘Branded Photocopier’ venture.

The two sites needed to feel like they belonged together, but at the same time promote two completely different propositions.


We organised a brand workshop to debate and agree the key messaging, look and feel we needed to achieve for the 4DS projects. It was agreed that the 4DS approach should be pragmatic and service led, whilst the Branded Photocopier site was much more creatively engaging.

The two sites were developed and launched simultaneously and immediately delivered the impact 4DS were looking for.


  • 4DS saw a 27% increase in inbound conversion from the new site, post-launch
  • Time on site, and avg. pages viewed metrics all doubled for the new site
  • 30% of visitors to the 4DS site also wanted to learn more about the new ‘Branded Photocopier’ offering
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“Fireworx met expectations and beyond on this project, delivering two wonderfully integrated sites that will drive our business ambitions forward.”

Vince Tickel

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