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With over 2 billion app downloads in over 150 countries, Amuzo have harnessed the ‘Power of Play’. They came to us to help them leverage their brand as they moved into the professional development sector. Moving away from casual gaming, the challenge was to convince HR executives of the power of play when planning their colleague training and development requirements. Quite a change from targeting millennials who have some time to kill on their mobile!


Our work together kicked off with a brand workshop, to help define the brand characteristics we could leverage from Amuzo’s ‘casual gaming’ expertise, into HR & Professional Development.

The project started with a discovery session, in which we agreed the outline of a new site, as well as the communication hierarchy. The audiences Amuzo wanted to target were very different, but we were helped by some great factual evidence of the benefit of ‘gamifying’ otherwise bland HR training.

The site was launched late in 2016, fully integrated with the various app stores used to promote the Amuzo apps


  • The diversification is going well; Amuzo have agreed Professional Development support contracts with BBC, KPMG and Warner Bros

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