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A purely eCommerce client, Chillblast want to change their marketing agency and came to Fireworx with ambitious growth targets; to double turnover over a two year period. From our initial review, it was clear that this was a conversion rate optimisation project, as Chillblast’s brand reputation in the gaming PC industry was already driving a high numbers of site visitors.


Chillblast is the UK’s Most Awarded PC Manufacturer, and has built up a five star rating on Trust Pilot. The problem was that this wasn’t communicated on the site. We added a proposition banner across the site, and moved on to improving the UX.

At well below 1%, the site’s conversion rate was too low, even for a high-ticket item. We worked hard to make the PCs more accessible to less tech savvy visitors, with a more guided shopping experience, as well as adding a ‘Recommended’ category. These PCs can be bought off the shelf, leveraging the expertise the Chillblast brand is associated with, and saving the 9-10 day wait for a customised PC.


  • eCommerce conversion rate has increased by 35%
  • ‘Recommended’ PCs make up between 30% and 40% of PCs sold
  • Exceeded Black Friday targets by 25%
martin sawyer chillblast

“You’ve made real improvements to our business, you’ve continually pushed us in the right direction and I personally really enjoy working with your team – thank you.”

Martin Sawyer

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