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One of the biggest issues faced by non-profit organisations is being able to capture public awareness and leverage that goodwill into charitable donations in order to further their respective causes.

It’s a crowded marketplace, with an expensive barrier of entry if you want to make an impact, especially online if your aim is to target a younger audience with a greater potential lifetime value.


The Google Grant is a $10,000 media spend allowance given by Google to non-profit organisations to use in AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programme. The Google Grant programme helps approximately 4,000 charities around the world and empowers non-profit organisations to achieve their goals by helping them promote their websites via advertising on Google.

There is also the possibility to upgrade to a GrantsPro account, which has a $40,000 monthly media spend allowance. To become eligible for an upgrade to GrantsPro an account must meet several criteria, set by Google, to establish that the account is being run effectively and will use the increased spend effectively.

One of the main difficulties with managing a Google Grant PPC account is that there is a $2 limit on their maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) bid. Having such a restriction makes keywords with an inferred transactional or commercial value too expensive to bid on competitively. For search terms such as ‘buy charity Christmas cards’ or ‘donate to charity’, the required CPC bid to rank in a high position on the page is much greater than the $2 limit, so a more nuanced approach is needed.

Our approach to managing Google Grant accounts is to focus awareness campaigns, and on promoting content that relates to the provision of services and information. Not only is this type of content more cost-effective from a CPC perspective (therefore driving higher levels of traffic), it also helps to drive digital engagement with the target audience by providing relevant, and often expert opinions and insights, making the charity a valuable resource.


  • Managed over $200,000pcm of AdWords media spend on behalf of charity clients
  • Applied for a Google Grant on behalf of Amnesty International, and within 11 months had successfully upgraded to a $40k GrantsPro account
  • Generated over 1m ad impressions per month for AIUK and over 4,000 Analytics goals completed via Google Grants traffic

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