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Trailblaze IT are a challenger brand in the IT support industry who approached Fireworx to help them reach a larger audience and win more business.

Specialising in delivering IT support to educational institutions, Trailblaze IT offers their clients unlimited support with cloud services as standard, as opposed to traditional IT companies who rely on a client having technical issues in order to make money.

Trailblaze IT’s ethos of unlimited support reinforces that it is in their interest to minimise any problems and they came to Fireworx hoping to get that message into the hands of decision-makers within local schools.


We kicked started the process by holding a brand workshop with key stakeholders within the business. This helped us to succinctly identify the company’s USPs and build a clear picture of the brand’s identity. These initial sessions then guided the rebranding of the company (previously Academy IT) and helped crystallise the look and feel of the website and any future marketing material.

Having completed the brand refresh we launched a targeted direct mail campaign across Dorset and Hampshire postcodes, highlighting why Trailblaze IT’s ‘Unlimited Everything’ package was much more cost-efficient offering than their market rivals.


The campaign was an overwhelming success, generating four inbound enquiries which turned into four meetings

All four meetings led to signed contracts (three 1-year, one 3-three) with the client seeing an impressive 1122% return on their investment in year one alone

The average customer lifespan for Trailblaze IT is 5+ years

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