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Right now the COVID-19 crisis has crippled a large number of businesses, we understand this and are here to help. Those entrepreneurs that see this as the time to do things better are the ones we’re working with now. You see, we appreciate that if your focus is businesses, then getting the right people to engage has always been a challenge, this situation is simply making it more of a problem.  After all, if it wasn’t hard, we wouldn’t be needed.

We believe that a tried and tested plan, backed by better creativity wins hands down. In fact, when it comes to successful B2B marketing, or digital campaigns, we know ideas and creativity kicks the hell out of just process alone. It’s that simple.

We also know that the best brands are the ones that people feel compelled to talk about. The ones that earn a place in people’s lives by being memorable, useful, relevant, different or entertaining. Achieving that isn’t easy. That’s where we come in.

Fireworx is a multi-award winning B2B marketing agency specialising in marketing strategy, creativity and digital transformation, all delivered from our offices in London and Bournemouth.

Using disruptive thinking our approach focuses on helping brand’s define their competitive advantage, supporting them in better understanding, engaging and converting target prospects and delivering the right leads.

Defining our B2B strategy – driving more leads for your business

Business to Business Marketing (B2B) purchases are often of a higher value than B2C, and so it’s unlikely to be made on simple impulse alone. B2B products and services are often complex and require more research, and interaction, before someone is ready to buy. These points mean that a proven B2B agency, like us, is a better solution to drive results for your business.

At Fireworx, we start work for a client by mapping the entire customer journey from awareness to lead conversion, by pulling together all available research, data and insight. We’ll also review the competitive landscape, identifying any priorities for a defensible value proposition.

We give your customers a voice. Listen to customers and they’ll tell you what is working… and where you can do better. We’ll define a marketing strategy with the aim of highlighting your brand’s competitive advantage to your audience, underpinning all our work together.

What do you stand for?
Why is that important?
What are your values?

Who are your customers?
Why should they care about you?
Does your proposition resonate?

Who are the competition?
How do they differentiate themselves?
Why choose you over them?

Does your marketing plan support
your business objectives?
How could you increase the return
on investment of your marketing?

Download our bounce back marketing guide.

Actioning the B2B Marketing Plan.

Once we’ve agreed the right B2B marketing strategy, it’s time to put the plan into action. But what does that look like?

Well, first is agreeing the marketing targets for the campaign, as performance against these shapes our unique working relationship, as well as indicate progress and cost per acquisition. From there, we’ll evaluate the most appropriate marketing channels for achieving the agreed targets, be that social media, email, telesales, direct mail, Pay Per Click (PPC), and the agreed indicative budget.

Successful B2B Marketing Challenges



In B2B data is critical. Ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Who is our ideal prospect business?

  • Where are they?

  • Who do we want to engage with in the organisation?

  • How are we going to engage with them? What channels would be best?

  • What are we going to say to them?

  • How often?

  • What budget can we assign as a cost per acquisition?

As the client, you’ll need to agree the plan, typically a minimum of 3 to 6 months, so we can put it into action, and develop any marketing assets that will be needed.

We’ll lastly need data to drive the campaign backed by a customer relationship management tool.  Once live, we’ll develop a reporting dashboard, that will allow us to monitor performance, and optimise the campaign. This means investing less on underperforming activity, and focusing budgets  into more productive channels.  Once the campaign has run its course, we have come full circle, and will review success against the targets we have set ourselves.

What clients have to say about us


We talk to Health-on-Line about how we helped them disrupt the health insurance market.

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We talk to McCarthy & Stone about using marketing to support their latest property development.


Fireworx CEO speaks to start-up Zestec about how we created a brand and digital presence for their renewable energy business.

Getting Started: Strategic Marketing Workshop

Our marketing workshops typically form the basis for our work with clients, it helps ensure any creative or marketing activity we do is focused on delivering against targets that will make a difference.

The session covers the essentials to consider for your brand, providing you with a cohesive approach to underpin all of your marketing efforts:

  • How to define your customer focus

  • How to start building a competitive advantage through your ‘value proposition’

  • Setting creative and messaging to be more engaging

  • How to build a measurable marketing plan

  • Converting enquiries into sales

Book a taster remote marketing workshop for free

We offer one complimentary taster remote marketing workshop. It’s our way of getting to know each other without having to make any commitments first.

To register for a remote video conference workshop for you and up five colleagues please contact us on 01202 559 559 or fill out the form below.

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