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Getting people to remember anything today is hard and getting harder.

Our mission is to make people stop, sit up and take notice. We work with entrepreneurs, clients who are looking to disrupt things a little, those that aim to stand out from the crowd and who like to challenge convention.

Fireworx is a creative agency, specialising in marketing, with offices in both London and Bournemouth in Dorset. Our unique methodology focuses on creating feelings that drive a better response, improving a business’ bottom line.

Listed in The Drum’s top ten UK elite agencies, whenever we engage with a business we always look to understand the key areas of focus, what core marketing activity will best support sales growth and deliver a better return on investment. For some, it’s a striking new brand identity, a website that really touches people or a memorable ad campaign. For others, we work strategically, advising them how to better go about attracting and converting more customers.

Over the last 25 years of experience we believe this approach has delivered the best results. See our Work page for examples of challenges we’ve successfully risen to!

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creative guarantee

As a creative agency, we offer a simple promise; that all our creative work is backed by a ‘creative guarantee’. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that if you’re ever not happy with something, we will work on it until you are, and if we can’t please you, we’ll refund your fee.

choose a fixed fee and payment on results

We offer clients two different ways of working with us.

Fixed Fee – the price we agree for your project is the price you’ll pay, with no wrangling.

Performance Related Fees – We share in the responsibility for campaign performance. Put simply, if your campaign underperforms to pre-agreed targets, you pay less.

a business owner involved at each stage

Our clients mean everything to us. That’s why every account has a company Director involved actively on their projects. We’re not one of those agencies where you only see the ‘main account team’ at the pitch, and then not again until the six month review meeting. With Fireworx you’ll receive ongoing involvement and access to business Directors, offering support and advice as and when you need it.

we’ll act as customer champions

It’s not uncommon for us to start work for a client by mapping the entire customer journey and pulling together all available data, before identifying priorities for improvement. Compare that to other agencies who ask you to fill out a single page creative brief to kick off the relationship, when they have no idea of the wider business context.

We want to give your customers a voice. Has your business realised that delivering exceptional customer experience transcends the traditional view of “marketing”? Listen to customers and they’ll tell you what is working… and where you can do better.

Find out more about how you can #challengeFWX

3 is the magic number

We ask our clients to share their 3 key business challenges; these form the basis for our work together. In this way, we ensure we are focused on delivering against targets that will make a difference.

Your challenges will be specific to your business. It could be:

• Challenge us to make your creative more dynamic

• Challenge your business to grow faster

• Challenge your digital marketing to deliver an improved return on investment

Challenge us to

Increase your brand awareness and help your marketing reach a larger audience.

Challenge us to

Reduce the cost per acquisition of inbound website leads.

Challenge us to

Optimise your online checkout and increase the average order value.

creating feeling. driving response.

When clients come to us, some have reached a natural ceiling, others are looking for a fresh perspective, all, however, are looking for better marketing to support their sales targets.

We approach this by using a unique methodology called ‘Feeling and Response’. It focuses on the emotional connection you want customers to feel when they engage with your brand and the factors that will help drive more customers and sales.

It’s not just about making pretty websites or beautifully crafted brands, instead we start with the customer you want to engage with and how to best communicate your core marketing messages. We ask questions like:

  • What is your brand’s purpose?
  • Who do you want to talk to?
  • What do you need to tell them?
  • Why would someone care?
feeling and response infographic

our team


greatest marketing challenge

Back in  1998, I was put on the spot in a meeting with the BBC and asked to create the Ready Steady Cook board game. With pen in hand, I had to use an overhead projector (remember those?) and hand drew, on acetate, what would eventually become the printed game.

greatest life challenge

When I started Fireworx in 2007 I worked out of a small office, by myself, with just a desk, Apple MacBook, phone and printer. In 2015 the business was recognised as one of the top 10 elite marketing agencies outside of London by The Drum.


greatest marketing challenge

I was tasked with organising, managing and marketing a large international conference for the medical industry, which required me to fly in multiple speakers from around the globe and organise their accommodation. This sizeable task for one employee was further complicated when the keynote speaker was advised not to fly because of a pre-existing medical condition. The event went off without a hitch, with the keynote speaker in attendance.

greatest life challenge

Against the advice of the Foreign Office and the prior knowledge of my family, I went solo trekking to Papa New Guinea, which had only recently made cannibalism illegal. I survived (clearly!) but I did have an encounter with machete-wielding children. Character building stuff…

james wood black and white


greatest marketing challenge

Answering the question from a retail client “What would happen if we turned off our TV advertising?”. Luckily, as we had a ‘control’ area, we could answer ‘you’ll lose 19% of your new customers’.

greatest life challenge

Attended the Wetherspoon’s Steak Night for 12 weeks in a row without outgrowing my Diesel jeans.


greatest marketing challenge

I was opening a new venue in Bournemouth, we hired a renowned DJ for the opening. It was stated the DJ would not perform unless the branding for the producers was displayed. It was due to be delivered on the day, but it never appeared. With 8 hours to go before the launch almost no DJ, it meant driving 3 hours to pick up the branding and race home. Arriving 30 minutes before opening, the opening launch was a great success.

greatest life challenge

Travelling round Bali, surviving lizard infested houses, being lept on and stalked by monkeys whilst experiencing 3 earthquakes. The highlight was spending the day with Elephants, developing a soft spot for the oldest one and learning so much about them. I did question my future back in home or whether I should just be an elephant ranger…

Liz Smith fireworx


greatest marketing challenge

Helping to manage the delivery of the Capitama investment platform website – a world leading investment platform for the digital age.

greatest life challenge

My kids obviously! Outside of that, re-developing my family home. From planning it, to managing the drawings, builders, decoraters and furnishings. Ohh and managing not to throttle James and Ross yet!


greatest marketing challenge

Working with the global brand, Honeywell to design and create their brand guidelines. This was then shared with their partner garages and dealerships to shape the communications.

greatest life challenge

After university, I decided to join a two week volunteer scheme in Zimbabwe. From helping local schools, to getting involved with the conservation programme on the reserve, it was a challenging, yet rewarding fortnight. Camping in the African outback was a particular highlight of mine, with some of the most dangerous yet beautiful wild animals, lurking in the nearby bushes.


greatest marketing challenge

Successfully managing over £250,000 of paid search budget per month for a range of clients and non-profit organisations, helping them meet their digital objectives and fundraising targets.

greatest life challenge

I’m a bit of a fantasy football geek, and by that I’m talking American Football. I’m a lead contributor to one of the industries’ top sites, ProFootballFocus, and have been since 2010. This role has led to me appearing on cable television in the US, and also winning several awards for my advice and player rankings accuracy against my peers.


greatest marketing challenge

Being involved in the design and development of a complex web portal, which allowed for the facilitation of multi-channeled consistency and secure integration to other systems. This resulted in the creation of an organised gateway for users to access an array of useful resources, and to aid their marketing needs in the form of transactions, search engines and universal logins.

greatest life challenge

Back when I was at school, I had a bit of a passion for cooking and managed to finish joint 1st place in a local competition with 11 other young chefs. My Monkfish and Parma Ham dish seemed to go down a treat with the judges, however it is highly unlikely that I would be able to replicate it given the opportunity today…


greatest marketing challenge

Working with Customade Group to design and create marketing material for the FIT Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Being involved in creating a full package of print and digital marketing materials – including adverts, brochures, social graphics and even a video presentation. This was a lot of work over a short space of time to make sure everything was ready for the show.

greatest life challenge

Before going to university to study Graphic Design, I backpacked around Europe for a whole summer. This lead to getting into a few sticky situations like being hospitalised in Berlin, getting lost countless times and being kicked off an overnight train in the middle of rural Hungary. Despite the many mishaps, it was an amazing trip and I got to visit over 10 Countries.


greatest marketing challenge

A client approached us with an idea for a product video that they wanted us to film. They already had an idea of what they wanted after stumbling across something online. The client kindly forwarded us a link to YouTube, which would demonstrate the style they wanted to achieve.

The video they shared with us was an advert for a Bugatti Veyron. Their product was a window.

Challenge accepted.

greatest life challenge

I participated in a televised dating show and I won! I took part in the pilot episode… it was cancelled shortly after.

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