Creating feelings.
Driving results.

How we do things

When clients come to us, some have reached a natural ceiling, others are looking for a fresh perspective, all however, are looking for better marketing to convert more customers.

We help by using a unique methodology called ‘Feeling and Response’. It focuses on the emotional connection you want customers to feel when they engage with your brand and the factors that will help drive more sales.

Like all of the work we do at Fireworx we start with understanding how we can help solve your biggest challenges.

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Forming the strategy.

Marketing workshop.

Our marketing workshops typically form the basis for our work with clients, it helps ensure any creative or marketing activity we do is focused on delivering against targets that will make a difference. As a challenger agency, our approach puts ourselves in your customer’s shoes, we ask questions and strive to help your brand make a bigger impact.

The session covers the essentials of your brand, providing you with a cohesive plan to help optimise the marketing.

Every month, we offer one prospective client a chance to sample our brand strategy workshop for no fee, if you’re up for challenging conversation it’s a no-obligation way to try us out.

  • Brand

  • Customer

  • Competitive review

  • Marketing plan

What do you stand for?

Why is that important?

What are your values?

Who are your customers?

Why should they care about you?

Does your proposition resonate?

Who are the competition?

How do they differentiate themselves?

Why choose you over them?

Does your marketing plan support your business objectives?

How could you increase the return on investment of your marketing?