Fireworx builds new direct private investment platform for Capitama

Ross Miles - 05.04.2018

Fireworx, a creative agency, today announces it has worked with Capitama to build a direct private investment platform that will connect private investors such as UHNWIs (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) and HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals), Family Offices, venture capital firms and sovereign wealth funds to sponsor-backed investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes.

Over the past two years, Fireworx has worked with Capitama to develop a digital platform that brings professional investors and businesses together on a global scale. This approach enables users to find investment opportunities from experienced professionals and management teams according to their preferences and risk appetite. The platform also helps sponsors and management teams of high growth companies to source investors and co-investors in a more efficient way.

The power of the platform comes from its ability to present information to users based on their individual preferences. Analytics allow investors and investment sponsors to fully understand the volume of interest and flow of information, helping them make important strategic decisions.

Fireworx has a wealth of experience in building highly complex and integrated digital platforms, having worked on web design projects for the likes of Health Online, The Fashion Retail Academy and The Academy for Chief Executives. The successful completion of this project has allowed Capitama to be at the forefront of the transformation of traditional processes in line with the digital revolution.

Daniel Smith, CEO at Fireworx, said:

“We are committed to helping brands like Capitama to challenge the status quo and transform disruptive ideas into real-world solutions – it’s in our DNA. Working with the team at Capitama, we’ve created a platform that gives investors a completely new way of investing. We’ve successfully digitised a process that used to require face-to-face interactions and have made the whole process much simpler and more efficient. That’s really exciting for us.”

Simon Ramery, Co-Founder and CEO at Capitama, said:

“The fact that Fireworx had already built a number of highly integrated platforms made them a clear choice for us. It’s always challenging to create a new solution and bring it to the market, but with the help of the team at Fireworx, we’ve created a robust platform that will help match investors with high-quality deals that not only reflect their specific preferences, but also their appetite for risk.”