3 in 5 consumers say digital marketing is failing to target them effectively

Ross Miles - 19.06.2017

Is Marketing Personalisation now an essential part of your campaign plan, rather than a ‘nice-to-have’? Marketers now have more data available to them than ever before – so why then do three in five UK consumers (58%) feel that brands and marketers are failing to target them effectively?

That figure comes from the new Data Deadlock report by BlueVenn, which utilised data from more than 2,000 consumers in the UK and US, in addition to over 600 B2C marketers.

Marketers! Work harder to personalise your campaigns!

Despite the shortfall in targeted marketing, consumers seem open to the idea of personalisation. In fact, the research found that nearly half (46%) of consumers would like e-commerce sites to use such data in order to reorganise products based on their previous tastes and interests.

Given the apparent acceptance by consumers, it seems that targeted marketing is failing due to the incorrect use of data, rather than consumers not buying into such techniques.

However, the lack of targeting might be more down to limited investment in the tools needed to analyse customer data, rather than marketers simply not it correctly. The report revealed that the majority (87%) of marketers agreed that effective customer data analysis is impossible until they adopt the right tools.

Marketing director at BlueVenn, Anthony Botibol, commented: “Even though marketers have heavily invested in many technologies, our findings show there are clearly still issues with using data effectively.”

Can poorly targeted communication actually harm results?

New research discussed by highlighted the impact the lack of targeted marketing is having on the retail sector.

The study found that one in ten (11%) UK consumers would think about shopping elsewhere if they continued receiving irrelevant communications, while over two thirds (68%) said they would unsubscribe from the retailer.

In fact, almost a quarter (24%) of consumers have already unsubscribed from a retailer on the grounds that the messages they were receiving were irrelevant.

Personalisation is a great opportunity

With such a variety of consumer data available, marketers have the opportunity to learn more about their customers. By capturing and analysing data more effectively, marketers can produce targeted campaigns that deliver a more enjoyable customer experience.

In this day and age, consumers expect personalisation from a brand’s digital marketing campaign. As summed up nicely by Dan Smith, MD at Fireworx, “Personalising campaigns is certainly challenging, but it’s a great opportunity to smash your targets if you get it right”. If you’re struggling to use data to provide a better consumer experience, give Fireworx a call today.