Fireworx 10 Year Anniversary

Dan Smith - 12.10.2017

A Reflection on 10-Years of Change

As we draw closer to Fireworx’s tenth anniversary, it’s a natural time to reflect on our own progress, as well as how the industry has changed.

In all honesty it would be easier to reflect on the things that haven’t changed in that time, but if we set aside technological advancement, how has the way agencies work with clients evolved?

Writing from within the agency sector today, I’m confident our industry provides the design creativity that clients need to drive their businesses forward. What I’m less sure of is whether our collective approach to client relationships also reflects the same level of creative zeal.

Continuing that line of thinking, marketing has never been more accountable, so why do some agencies enjoy charging big fees without taking responsibility for a campaign’s performance?


We’re different from other agencies, and we’re re-launching our proposition to help clients understand the benefits we offer. We want to be more creative in the way we service our clients, and double-down on our commitment to deliver work that achieves results.

We’re here for the market disrupters, those who do things their own way. We help our client’s brands stand out from an increasingly homogenised crowd.

And no matter the client, we focus on driving success. We want clients to trust us to take on the barriers that are holding back their brand’s growth and commercial performance.

That’s why we’re launching #challengeFWX

Taking responsibility for commercial performance

We want clients to know that we are accountable for the work we deliver.

Through #challengeFWX, we ask them to share their business challenges, so we can focus our expertise on making a difference.

From there we offer a number of performance promises:

  • Performance Related Pay – We take responsibility for campaign performance. Put simply, if your campaign underperforms agreed targets, you pay less
  • Creativity Guarantee – If you’re not happy with the quality of our work, we won’t bill you for it
  • Fixed Fee – the price we agree for your project is the price you’ll pay, with no wrangling

What’s more, every month, we offer a prospective client a free brand strategy workshop, designed to make their marketing more effective.

We believe it’s time agencies change

We’re taking responsibility for reshaping our corner of the market.

If that sounds refreshing, why not #challengeFWX to improve your marketing?