Growing brands faster through Disruption Marketing

Ollie Richings - 02.12.2021

Does it really help to make your brand stand-out?

Paddy Power, Burger King, Three, Vitality, Dollar Shave, Compare the Market, Apple – What was the last marketing campaign you saw that stood out?

Disruption marketing is about being ground-breaking, having an innovative mindset, going against the status quo and changing the landscape so you stand out from the crowd.

But why stand-out? Well to precis the words of Steve Jobs back in 1997, ‘We live in a noisy, busy world and getting people to remember anything about your brand is hard’.

Of course this was all before the myriad of distractions we have to compete with as products and services such as, smartphones, TV on demand or social media all fighting for our precious attention.

Done well, it leads to a positive change in growth for a brand. Building in memorable recall has in fact never been more vital.
We know that the best brands and businesses are the ones that people feel compelled to talk about. The ones that earn a place in people’s lives by being memorable, useful, relevant, different or entertaining.

It’s our job at Fireworx to identify opportunities for clients to grow faster by creating more impact. We’re there for the clients that embrace that mindset and want to do things differently. To re-write the rules in their market. To take calculated risks that lead to exponential growth.

Daniel Smith, our CEO appeared on the Evolve podcast recently, to talk about how clients can go about achieving standout in their market

“We start by helping clients define their competitive advantage or value proposition, it’s what we call the ‘why chose you?’ method. Not only does the creative need to make you stand-out but so too the communication and the approach. We actively differentiate our clients’ so they stand for something meaningful. And we practice what we preach, for example we offer a creative guarantee and payment on results to align our fees to our clients success – as a growth agency there’s nothing like putting your money where your mouth is and it’s a great way to sharpen the mind!”

Click here if you’d like to hear more from Dan from the podcast.

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We’ve created a practical shortlist of 5 priority areas of focus that can accelerate your brands growth as businesses continue to recover from the past 2 years.

1. How to understand your customer mindset
2. Developing a defensible competitive advantage
3. Integrating digital into your customer journey
4. Getting your data into shape
5. Innovating to drive growth

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