How To Get Your Insurance Brand Noticed

Dan Smith - 15.09.2017

Insurance Marketing has evolved as brands adopt digital, but apparently not everyone got the memo!

Customer satisfaction in the insurance sector has fallen – that’s according to a new report by The Institute of Customer Service.

With this decline, and the fact that the majority of consumers research brands and products online before following through with a purchase, it is arguably more important than ever that insurance companies focus on brand visibility.

Best brand reach in Motor Insurance

Research discussed by Insurance Business UK looked at the online performance of motor insurers in the UK to see which had the best ‘brand reach score’.

Aviva came out on top, averaging 246,000 monthly brand searches, and showed a strong performance with its social media content.

Taking second place was Zurich, which averaged 14,800 searches per month, and a high score with the content shared across its social media platforms. Churchill, Hastings Direct and Saga took the third, fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

But the article notes that winning the online game is more than just being a household name; their dominance comes from their brand visibility.

Proactive customer engagement is key

While the sites that were found to do well with regard to their brand reach score were those with strong brand recognition, this was only part of the picture. The best scores were seen in those companies that were proactively taking measures to safeguard their brand recognition by interacting and engaging with customers on their social media platforms.

Customers are more likely to find companies that are working hard to develop a strong online presence, it was noted. Insurance companies that aren’t putting in the time to grow and attract new business through increased brand visibility, and rely simply on brand loyalty from existing customers, will miss out on opportunities and fall behind their competitors.

Strong brand visibility also evokes a sense of trust and legitimacy in a crowded marketplace — factors that will particularly help those in the insurance sector.

Complaints are an opportunity to impress

And included in brand visibility is the willingness to respond to customer complaints. Data from Sprout Social found that an unsatisfying response to a complaint on social media would put off 35% of consumers from that brand, with a third saying they would share their negative experience. However, if a brand responds well, 45% said they would go back on social media to highlight the positive interaction.

Consumers look to online presence as a validation of brand integrity so, in this day and age, insurance companies really can’t afford to ignore their social media audiences.

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