We believe it’s time agencies changed

Dan Smith - 22.01.2019

It may sound strange, coming from an agency, but we believe it’s time agencies changed.

Why? Well, we believe our sector isn’t working hard enough to do a great job for clients.

What’s more, in an Ipsos Mori poll published before Christmas identifies advertising executives as the least trusted profession in the UK. Just 16% of respondents trust our sector! Worse than politicians, bankers and even estate agents.

We’re not surprised; it’s about time agencies practiced more of what they preach.

It’s time your agency was more accountable

Marketing has never been more accountable. Marketers can track the impact of nearly every campaign penny we spend.

So why aren’t agencies taking accountability for their work?

Put simply; if your marketing underperforms, will your agency charge you less?

Clients are rightly annoyed when a campaign misses targets, especially when their bill isn’t any lower at the end of the month.

It means your agency isn’t feeling the pain of failure.

It’s time that Payment by Results became the standard model for clients.

It’s time for good agencies to stand out

New clients tell us it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose an agency.

Because…they all look and sound the same!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

How can they possibly make your brand stand out, when they can’t do that for themselves?

As a challenger agency, we believe it’s time to think disruptive.

Our clients have no regard for the status quo or playing by everyone else’s rules.

Instead they prefer to challenge convention. To stand out from the crowd. To think differently.

We prefer to work with the disruptor brands in the market. The reason is simple; they have to try harder to take market share from the number one.

It’s time agencies worked harder to stand out.

It’s time agencies delivered a great client experience

Have you noticed how some agencies are making it harder and harder to enjoy working with them?

Which seems strange in an era, when all we hear about in the marketing press is ‘delivering a great customer experience’.

Agency owners; why not do the same for new clients?

Give them some great ideas to get excited about.

Make sure your brightest minds spend some time on every bit of new business.

Spend some of your own time understanding the competitors and walking through the customer journey of your client.

No client wants to see the New Biz Director disappearing over the hill on his win, only to be replaced by a team of junior staff. No matter how enthusiastic.

No client wants to be looked into a long and expensive contract If their marketing isn’t going to improve.

No client should have to spend thousands of pounds on project management or account fees in the first month, just so your team can understand their business.

No client wants to be told “It’s time for a rebrand” before their agency understands what motivates the customer in their purchase decisions.

It’s time to give your clients that ‘great customer experience’ we hear so much about.

Is it time you changed your marketing agency?

What do you think?

What really gets to you about your agencies?

If you’re looking for an agency that’s up for a challenge, as well as how we’re addressing the problems above…

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