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Greatest marketing challenge

Back in 1998, I was put on the spot in a meeting with the BBC and asked to create the Ready Steady Cook board game. With pen in hand, I had to use an overhead projector (remember those?) and hand drew, on acetate, what would eventually become the printed game.


Greatest marketing challenge

Supporting a high-profile client on their social media whilst they were on the run-up for a large book launch (a bestseller!). Planning the campaign, ensuring content was relevant for the audience, covering the launch event for the book and capturing evergreen content from various media appearances.

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Greatest marketing challenge

Answering the question from a retail client “What would happen if we turned off our TV advertising?”. Luckily, as we had a ‘control’ area, we could answer ‘you’ll lose 19% of your new customers’.

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Greatest marketing challenge

Working with the global brand, Honeywell to design and create their brand guidelines. This was then shared with their partner garages and dealerships to shape the communications.

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Greatest marketing challenge

Being involved in the design and development of a complex web portal, which allowed for the facilitation of multi-channelled consistency and secure integration to other systems. This resulted in the creation of an organised gateway for users to access an array of useful resources, and to aid their marketing needs in the form of transactions, search engines and universal logins.


Greatest marketing challenge

Delivering a campaign with the team for the world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. With a tight deadline, we had to create an entire campaign, along with various elements for their international congress events. Including multiple banner stands and brochures that had to be delivered to Europe and the US.

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Greatest marketing challenge

A client approached us with an idea for a product video that they wanted us to film. They already had an idea of what they wanted after stumbling across something online. The client kindly forwarded us a link to YouTube, which would demonstrate the style they wanted to achieve. The video they shared with us was an advert for a Bugatti Veyron. Their product was a window. Challenge accepted.