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content marketing

Our content marketing professionals are experts in developing content and building relationships that are focused on improving online search visibility and authority with your consumers. And if you get it right for your customer, you’re on the right track to getting it right for Google.

what is content marketing?

The most powerful marketing often doesn’t look like marketing. Content marketing is all about engaging, entertaining and inspiring new and existing customers with great articles, graphics and video.

It offers your business the ability to build brand awareness, capture customer data, drive footfall and crucially, improve sales. All fairly standard marketing objectives. But unlike traditional marketing, investing in content is predominantly a ‘pull’ strategy, based on exchange.  Essentially, if your business is prepared to offer expertise and leadership through the content you publish, you can expect customers to reciprocate by sharing, commenting and buying your product. Group hug everyone!

Focus on making your content useful to customers and prospects

Keep it interesting! Mix your articles in with video, infographics and current affairs commentary

Think about how you can best judge the success of your content activity; it plays more of a role in the awareness and consideration stages of your acquisition journey, rather than closing the deal

Leverage the knowledge in your business to showcase your expertise. Authentic and better than paying your agency for it!

tailored and targeted content campaigns

Content marketing can take many forms, including consumer interest stories, how-to guides, whitepapers, blog posts, video content and even games. Every business has different customers and objectives, which is why we’ll devise a content marketing strategy that is bespoke to your business and has your target audience at the heart of everything we do.

Our tailored campaigns target the publications, websites, blogs and news sites your potential customer base reads, facilitating a trickle-down effect from the most respected media platforms and encouraging click-through to your own preferred landing pages.

branded content

The difference between branded video content (made for web) and video advertising (made for TV but promoted online) is a subtle one, but can result in very different types of content, that elicit different responses from consumers.

Branded content allows brands to demonstrate expertise, by sharing useful knowledge within their market. You’re not going for the direct sales approach here, but rather conveying what your brand stands for. This type of content versus a more traditional video ad is perceived to be ‘more authentic’ and allows brands to tell a story and build trust in the brand values. A great example would be the highly successful John Lewis Christmas campaigns, advertising campaigns heavily rooted in a narrative storytelling rather than product pushing.

live streaming

Can customer engagement get any more immediate than joining a live video feed? Some ways to use live streaming include sneak previews of products, demonstrations of existing products, promotions, Q&A sessions and celebrity/influencer takeovers. This appetite for video content has grown so large that the traditionally oral channel of radio broadcasting (and more recently podcasting) have begun to provide live video streams of themselves in the studio recording their shows.

video landing pages

Get your landing page right, and you could see impressive results in terms of leads and sales. Video is helpful in communicating information to visitors more dynamically.

In a 2016 study, Forbes found video boosted conversions by as much as 80% compared to written content, and that 88% of visitors then stay on the site longer. For retail brands, visitors were also 64% more likely to make a purchase.

e-marketing videos

There can be no doubt that video is becoming a key way to engage consumers. 45% of people watch more than one hour of Facebook or YouTube a week, while 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. As a direct result of this the most viral marketing content tends to be video, making it a potentially powerful tool for reaching a large audience in a short amount of time with a budget focused on production rather than distribution.

Want to take your email marketing strategy to the next level? Why not trial video?

This is something more brands are trying and seeing success from. Time poor users, and those viewing on mobile devices find video more engaging, leading to increased time on site and significant improvements in click-through-rate and social shares.

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