What do you consider to be a proposition?

We feel Richard Branson sums it up pretty well… “No matter what industry you are in you should be able to boil down what you deliver into a value proposition ordinary people can understand and respond to.”

When Fireworx first works with any client we begin with asking some very simple but critical questions:

Who do you want to talk to?
What do you need to tell them?
Why would someone care?

These questions help shape a brand’s proposition as we identify and review the businesses’ core values, which in turn forms your fundamental marketing communications. We believe that if you don’t get part of the process right no matter how good your creative, development or delivery, your marketing will always fall short.

Customer research.

It’s critical to review and comprehend the relative position of your brand and competitors in the marketplace in order to engage with your target customers.

This is particularly so for your brand strapline or ethos in asserting what makes your business stand out from the crowd. If you can’t distinguish your brand from other suppliers in your industry, how can you expect potential customers to?

Our customer research services include mosaic profiling to develop detailed target customer personas that include their demographic data, media consumption, hobbies, interests and financial standing.


Every client we have helped grow over the past 25 years has started with the same underlying need: better marketing to support sales growth.

To make sure we have a clear idea of what your core values are we run a brand workshop as a kick-off to projects. This helps us to frame future marketing activity to deliver against key performance indicators and distil what your company represents.

We also like to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. To do this we ask questions with a purpose, questions to help your brand make a bigger impact. These sessions cover the essentials of your brand, providing you with a cohesive plan to help optimise your marketing and underpin the commercial success of your business.

heart of business proposition development

Brand positioning.

When it comes to creating a brand identity we believe every successful development creates a feeling of what a business truly stands for, is distinctive from its competitors and sets the benchmark for consistency through all communications.

A brand’s positioning defines the values their team live by, and over time the perception a customer takes away from their brand interactions.

If your brand proposition is unclear, perhaps it’s time to consider how you market your brand, and what it represents to your customers?