Website Design.

Web design services.

A distinctive brand identity is an essential complement to a differentiated value proposition. If a brand doesn’t mean anything to customers or prospects, it’s not a brand. Just a sticker.

It’s often a challenge to take beautiful graphic design work and turn it into crafted, functional and useable web design, without losing the creative essence.

Fireworx grew from design agency roots, so we’re experts in balancing visual design with the demands of information architecture and usability.  If you’re interested, read how Health-On-Line challenged Fireworx to reinvigorate their web design.

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Health-On-Line coding of website

Designing for web.

Keep in mind that you are designing to engage your target users. Focus solely on them.

As a rule of thumb, simplicity sells when it comes to web design.

Device is key; ensure your creative approach works across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Test your creative before launch; ask your customers how your proposed design work makes them feel.

Visual web design.

The interactive nature of a website gives designers the ability to take the principals of excellent graphic design, based on still images, and bring them to life.

We look to tell your brand’s story visually, communicating your values in a way that helps your message hit home.

You can expect beautiful presentation of your brand, crafted to deliver your message whether your user is using a mobile, tablet or desktop browser.


By putting ourselves in our users’ shoes at the outset of a web design project, we prioritise the features that are most helpful to users on their user journey.

Equally as important, we can avoid unnecessary features that may distract our users from completing their journey.

There’s no substitute for hard work when it comes to optimising a website for usability.

Co-browsing with users qualitatively, and quantitatively videoing user interaction with prototypes of client web sites is the best way to smooth bumps in the road before the big launch day!

Fireworx Yellow Information Architecture Website Wire Frame

Information architecture.

Structuring the information in your website is key to making it both useable and effective.

At the heart of the plan, we look to understand the target audience, and what they are looking to achieve from the website. This informs the content we prioritise in the communication hierarchy as well as the basic navigation structure of the site itself.

These are all key elements to the site, so it’s important to test our thinking before building too much of the code base. To this end, we’ll always create a set of interactive wireframes to test our thinking around the IA. Depending on the project we’ll also discuss prototyping core functionality to aid the learning process.


Accessibility is not just a box to tick in the process. It’s about making any site accessible as possible to the widest slice of society. Moral considerations aside, it’s good business practice.

Web pages are designed and built in accordance with best practice guidelines to meet the WCAG AA (European) standard to ensure DDA compliance. Our developers use a suite of testing tools throughout the development lifecycle to achieve this.