Having experienced considerable growth, the previous branding and message no longer fully conveyed what Mar-Key Group did as a business. Historically, the brand supplied mainly to the events industry, but through development of the product range have now diversified to offer solutions to new markets.

Mar-Key Group did some research internally and asked staff members ‘Who is Mar-Key Group and what do we do?’ The outcome of that made it abundantly clear that work was needed to refine the brand proposition. Fireworx were selected as the partner to see the group through a brand update and new website.


The first and most crucial step was a brand workshop. We reviewed the current market presence and that of the competition and began to establish how to re-position the brand.

Despite the group’s recent growth, the team were keen to maintain their friendly and non-corporate tone of voice. and focus on the overall solution rather than the physical product. The brand workshop enabled May-Key Group to focus on a clear proposition, which guided the brand refresh and was communicated to clients and prospects alike.


Since the launch of the new website, a successful PPC campaign has launched to aid marketing acquisition. The website has been optimised for conversion. This year, marketing activity has delivered two of the largest ever projects Mar-Key Group has undertaken, one of which was through the Google campaign.

The clear message and brand presentation through our work together has led to a tangible improvement in the quality of enquiries generated. Mar-Key Group are being contacted by international blue-chip businesses who are choosing the brand over competitors.

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increase in turnover in 2022

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increase in profitability

“We’re a rapidly evolving business and we must ensure that our brand evolves with us. Having the creative and strategic support of the team at Fireworx is invaluable to our business. They’re on the journey with us to help us navigate whatever marketing challenge we send their way. Most importantly though, they are a talented and lovely team who are a pleasure to work with.”

Hannah Field,
Head of Group Brand & Marketing