What actually is ChatGPT? And how can you use it in your marketing?

Kelly Haynes - 06.07.2023

Heard much about AI in your feed recently 😉? In the first post of our AI month, we explained that AI probably isn’t the end of the road for all marketers!

Positioning ourselves at the nexus point between fad and future of technologies we’ve been investigating a variety of AI tools available to support marketing, to see if they’re actually any good.  Over the past 6 months, we’ve taken a deep dive into all the noise and hyperbole to try and identify the good bits and the bad, so you don’t have to!

In this post, we’re going to focus on ChatGPT; what it’s good for…and what it’s maybe not so good for.

How can ChatGPT help marketers?

To summarise, there are five main areas in which you can use ChatGPT for:

  • Audience Analysis – Statistical analysis and insight into customer segments with a view to improving customer targeting and messaging
  • Content Creation – Let ChatGPT write all your content and generate all your imagery! Or don’t 😉
  • Keyword Analysis – Run your paid search activity through ChatGPT for its analysis of what you should be doing better
  • Chatbot – Put the tool in charge of your routine customer interactions
  • Predictive Analytics – Let ChatGPT loose on all the data in your CRM to identify trends and patterns that will allow you to optimise your marketing plans

All of the above sounds great, doesn’t it! But you’re probably asking “what’s the Fireworx ‘Disruptive Thinking’” take?

So, is ChatGPT any good?

Well, in our experience the most powerful potential elements to the tool are the Audience Analysis and Predictive Analytics functionality. The problem with that is that 99% of businesses haven’t maintained their data to a level that will allow them to interrogate the database with any sort of certainty in the quality of the output. And if you’re in the 1%, then you probably need to be a data scientist to be able to use the tool. And if you’re a data scientist with useable data, then you’re probably already doing most of what ChatGPT can give you.

Similarly, the Paid Search keyword analysis is useful in principle, but Google already offers a powerful suite of tools for marketers. If you’re undertaking PPC or SEO, it’s likely that you’re already doing a lot of this insight and analysis work, so beyond a second opinion, ChatGPT might not be that useful.

Where should marketers be using ChatGPT?

So, where does ChatGPT come into its own? Well, it’s probably in its content creation. And by that, we don’t mean asking it to write a whole website for a client and using the output with little more than a cursory glance.

No, it’s good for writing both short snippets of content for social media posts or a 400-word blog post. For the social snippets, you may not need to edit much, but you will certainly want to allow for editing of the proposed blog content.

Also, it is excellent at creating the base scripts for a chatbot for your brand, answering the most commonly asked questions with a standard response. This tool in itself could be worth its weight in gold if it can improve the customer experience of shopping with your brand, as well as saving your customer-facing teams time that they can use elsewhere.

Additionally, the image creation tools can be useful if you know exactly what you are trying to create, and can ‘brief’ your AI tool accurately. Not always as easily said as done!

Is ChatGPT worth using?

Yes, the content tools are potentially very useful and can save virtually everyone some time and money. Why not give it a go? Or get in touch with us if you’d like a hand getting everything set up!

So, which other AI tools are useful in marketing?

In our next blog, we will shortlist four AI tools that have made a lot of noise recently and explore if they can actually make a difference to your marketing efforts without needing to take a course, waste a load of time or hand over your business card details to an unknown entity.

If you’ve got any questions about this post, or how you should be approaching the use of AI for your brand, please get in touch.