Digitising The Customer Experience.

Experts in Digital Engagement and Integrated Customer Experience Strategy.

With lockdown forcing businesses to reconsider or fast track their digital marketing strategy, they are looking at adapting their approach to better engage customers through utilising digital tools to improve customer experience and drive sales.

Our approach focuses on helping brands better communicate with customers through digital. We’ll help your brand create feelings, become more memorable and useful, while driving responses by deploying the right channels, improving commercial performance and generating more sales, integrating the customer experience seamlessly.

The Fireworx 5 Step Customer Experience Plan.

It’s time to put a plan into action. But what does that entail?

Well, we use a 5 step plan that looks at different areas of focus. As the client, you’ll need to agree the plan. Once agreed, we typically need a minimum of 3 months, so we can put it into action, and develop any marketing or technical assets that will be needed.

Once set, we’ll develop a reporting dashboard, that will allow us to monitor performance, and optimise the customer journey and reviewing success against the targets we have set ourselves. This means investing less on underperforming activity, and focusing budgets into more productive channels.

Getting Started:
Take our Digital Audit.

Whether you’re just getting started, or want to accelerate progress why not take our Digital Audit?

Answer some high level questions, and we’ll outline some priority areas for improvement. Alternatively, if you’d like something a little more involved, you can book a taster workshop here.