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Direct marketing.

In today’s digital-first society it’s easy to relegate traditional marketing methods like direct mail to the backburner. Our approach is more refined. We want to understand your audience.

When the data supports it we’re confident in recommending an integrated campaign with traditional direct response aspects such as post, out of home, press releases and television advertising.

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering direct marketing campaigns we’re uniquely placed to help clients engage their audience wherever they are and maximise their marketing effectiveness.

How to maximise
your marketing.

Your customer database is the most important factor in the success of any campaign. Keep it accurate and updated to generate a better return on investment.

A value-added promotion is a great way to ensure the best response – give your audience a reason to contact you or purchase now.

Don’t cut costs on printing and production. Washed out colours on low quality stock diminishes your brand reputation.

Direct marketing should be integrated into your wider campaign. A multi-touch approach is much more likely to generate the results you desire.

. Update your customer database

. Value-added promotion

. Consider brand reputation

. The multi-touch approach

Lead generation.

When we manage direct marketing campaigns our aim is to generate a measurable response and qualified sales leads, but the buying process has changed.

Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now focus on being found, which is a change in the marketing landscape.

Our marketing campaign’s mission isn’t to represent our client’s company, but to represent the audience. It’s not about demographic targeting but behavioural analysis. We’re not about scheduled send outs, we’d rather have a continuous, multi-touch relationship so that when your customers realise their need, they know where to turn.

Data management.

Cleansing, maintaining and segmenting your mailing lists and CRM data is the first, and most fundamental step in running successful marketing campaigns.

We don’t operate on gut feelings or hunches, we root our decision-making in data, and the more accurate your data, the better your campaign responses will be.


As a challenger agency we’re not here to sugar coat things.

We know that the majority of direct mail ends up in the bin. Hopefully the recycling bin, but regardless our speciality is creating impactful direct mail that resonates and is remembered. We understand the power of putting the right words and design into the right person’s hands.


Personalisation can be much more than addressing your audience by their first name.

It’s about understanding their previous purchases, abandoned shopping cart items, or even their gender and birthday. The end user experience should be that you are contacting them directly, and only them. If that isn’t what your direct marketing is delivering, it is time to consider alternatives.

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