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Fireworx Marketing Accelerators have been crafted for you to address the 5 things that are key to your lead generation and brand awareness success.

Over four hours we’ll provide a bespoke experience that will change your perspective on your marketing, with practical ideas to improve your business. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least five actionable insights to disrupt your market and grow your business.

1: Your customer focus
2: Your competitive advantage
3: Creating standout
4: The marketing strategy
5: Converting more sales

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A sales pitch that makes you more attractive

If you or your team were in a room with your ideal prospect customer and you had 30 seconds to sell to them what would you say?

We’ll help you shape a sales pitch that resonates with your ideal customers and improve the marketing communication.

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Creative that knocks out the competition

Getting people to remember anything is hard and getting harder, and playing it safe just won’t work for serious growth. When it comes to successful marketing, or digital, creativity kicks the hell out of non-creative work, it’s that simple.

We’ll show you how ideas backed by creativity can lead to bigger wins.

Marketing that’s more measurable and effective

If you’ve invested hard earned money on marketing only to ask what was the return? You’re not on your own. For most businesses marketing is around creating leads and opportunities, raising awareness and driving sales.

We’ll show you how to set an effective marketing plan with a test and evolve mentality, that’s backed by measurable results.

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