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Graphic design.

A blank piece of paper and pencil is all a graphic designer needs to be at their happiest. The art of creating ideas from nothing, something new, different, exciting is a desire that never truly goes away.

Graphic design can be seen everywhere from road signs to a menu, websites and billboards, it’s omnipresent in our lives. It’s an art form that we come into contact with all the time, giving it the ability to inspire fellow designers, or to coin a quote from Pablo Picasso, allowing them to “to steal rather than borrow”.

Our design ethos at Fireworx is to do fantastic work that makes a difference to our client’s businesses. We believe the look and feel of the work we create needs to be better than the rest, we won’t settle for mediocre or anything that’s run of the mill.

  • Understand the customer and what feelings you want to engender.
  • Research other markets for a like-minded approach to help frame your thinking.
  • Always aim to create something that is appropriate, distinctive and memorable.
  • Push the boundaries by providing a range from safe to quirky.

Purposeful design.

Using the latest Adobe Creative Suite, our graphic design team won’t put pen to paper until we know the purpose.

We start by looking at the ‘feelings’ we need to engender in the designs we create, and how it needs to resonate with the different audiences they are looking to engage with. Brands with clear market sectors, such as Asda and Waitrose, clearly have a different market focus with their designs. Asda’s focus is on value, while Waitrose is on quality, yet both are financially successful supermarkets. Understanding the market, your customer and the brand you are designing for will have a huge impact on a designer’s output.

Represented by a bold typeface, price led messages, using a mix of vibrant colours and simple imagery Asda understands its position. Compare that to Waitrose selling the ‘experience’ with much more subtle uses of colour and typeface, beautiful imagery and quality in every aspect of the presentation, and we have two commercial enterprises successfully presenting opposing positions in the same market.

Intelligent design.

Graphic design is about using intelligence to adapt to a client or customer’s needs, whether it’s value, aspiration, need, speed or demand, we take the same approach in delivering creative that’s relevant, and impactful.

Typically, we provide a range of designs to our clients. This facilitates a discussion around how conservative or dynamic they are willing to be. We’ll always push boundaries with our creative in order to design something that’s unique and memorable.

We stand by the dynamic work we create for the clients we work with and it’s through our quality we have the great clients we work with today.

Strategic design services.

If you’re looking to tackle a rebranding project, design a new company logo or need expert advice when establishing your business’ brand colours and font, Fireworx have a wealth of experience successfully helping companies reinvent themselves, both on and offline, such as our brand development work for Gresham House.

Even if you’re not looking for something quite as dramatic as a whole new brand identity, we’ve a history of delivering advertising concepts and campaign creative for clients, such as a recruitment campaign for Dorset Healthcare.

Digital design services.

Don’t let the idea of a mobile-friendly, responsive website scare you. You’re in the right place.

Whether it is a set of banners for a display marketing campaign, your monthly e-mail newsletter or your company website, the Fireworx design team consistently creates visually impactful work that deliver results. From concept, to wireframes, to the final deliverable, we’re here to guide you through the process and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Print design services.

Founded in 2007 by a Graphic Designer with over 11 years of print design experience, Fireworx’ foundations are very much rooted in design and print.

Although the company has evolved over the last few years to adapt to the changing demands of the marketing industry and a shift into the digital sphere, designing print literature and for point of sale is still very much central to our output. In fact, if anything it makes us stronger, and better able to deliver integrated, cross-channel campaigns that other more exclusively focused agencies are unable to, as we’re aware of how both online and offline are mediums that place different requirements on designers.

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