How Fireworx helped SE Yachts to Optimise their Marketing


The SE Yachts team are all passionate about sailing and when they’re not at work you’ll find them racing in regattas or enjoying time out on the water with their families on the south coast.

As the main UK and Ireland distributor for three brands which represent the pinnacle of Scandinavian boat building. Comprising of Arcona Yachts, Delta Powerboats and Najad Yachts, SE Yachts was a new name created to represent these three brands in the UK and a new identity and website was required to establish the brand within the premium yacht market. Fireworx were appointed after the team had seen the work provided for other premium UK based brands.

SE Yachts Logo
SE Yachts logo brand development
SE Yachts Business Cards Front and Back View


We started the process using a facilitated brand and marketing workshop with the SE Yachts team. Using our unique set of tools and questions to validate the route for the identity we reviewed the core value proposition, customer focus, values and positioning the brand expression to establish the routes for the initial look and feel.

From this we created a series of creatives with the chosen identity reflecting the ‘3 crown’ motif associated within Scandinavian history. We then mixed with a rich colour palette of gold, white and dusty blues backed by classic typography.

SE Yachts Yacht Images

Once the brand identity was set we commenced on the website development, mapping out the user journey, split between both brand new and brockered yachts, and reflecting equally the 3 separate Swedish brands. Starting with user experience, the sitemap, wireframes and then onto the coloured mocks.

The finished website comprises of rich content, to support all levels of prior yachting experience. Deploying a mix of stylised imagery and high quality videography to help bring to life the beautiful yachts in action.

Se Yachts Macbook Homepage View
SE Yachts Website View
SE YACHTS homepage mobile view
SE Yachts mobile view image

“We have sold Arcona Yachts for over 13 years, which are high quality low production performance yachts. Through a natural expansion of the business we adopted two further yacht brands which required an entire rebranding exercise for the business. Fireworx successfully walked us through this process.

By listening and framing our outcomes they were able to give us the opportunity to create, with their guidance, a unique presence in our sector. I understand it is incredibly difficult to put a cost against a creative process, but having done so the Fireworx team walked us through from beginning to end of the process to a great conclusion.

I have become more and more proud of our logo and feel that we now have a presentation to the marketplace that fully supports our core principles.”

Ian Dighé
SE Yachts, Chairman