Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing services.

Interacting with your clients, customers and supporters on social media shouldn’t be a challenge. With the help of our social media marketing team your business will start using social to enhance and enrich your brand’s presence online.

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is quality, sharable content. As a challenger agency we like to disrupt the market, however we keep our social marketing efforts rooted in reality, with desirable and achievable campaign goals.

With our guidance, you’ll be in control of your messaging across all social channels, be able to identify your target audience online, and begin to more effectively engage them.

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Social media considerations.

Social media platforms are a great place to develop dialogue with customers and prospects.

Make your social channels engaging and interesting. Don’t be afraid to break out of the mould and use a slightly more informal approach than in other channels.

Use your social channels to create awareness of your brand and demonstrate expertise…

But don’t expect to directly drive new sales. In our experience, social has more of a role in validating purchase decisions.

Social listening & competitor analysis.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but if you want to have some truly impactful social presence, you may need to swim against the tide.

We can benchmark your performance against your industry competitors, and identify opportunities to expand your social reach, understanding where your competition is digitally, and which communities they are tapping in to.

Social consultancy.

We help businesses develop social media strategies to achieve their organisational goals online.

Whether you just need steering in the right direction, or a full account take-over, we are here to help. This can be advice on using the right tone of voice for your brand, advice on what the correct channels are for your target demographic, or we can simply advise you on setting an appropriate budget for social media marketing.

In today’s digital ecosystem, social is a fully integrated part of the picture when it comes to how consumers are using online. Our social media consultants will help to make sure that your social strategy works hand-in-hand with your evolving digital strategy as a whole and stand out from the crowd.

Reporting and analysis.

We will keep you up-to-date with how quickly your social channels are growing, and how they are augmenting your business’ online presence and reputation.

Our reporting service is tailored to your requirements, but typically takes form as a monthly report that highlights the key conversations and most popular content from the previous period, account growth and proposed strategy for the month ahead.

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Social content creation and marketing.

Not only does content tone and length matter for each medium, but different audiences on different channels will react differently to the same post, so tailoring content to its broadcast channel is key.

Our team can guide you in planning and writing appropriate content to be circulated across your social channels, or even provide optimised content for you.

Social media strategy.

We can help plan, execute and manage social media marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube using the precise targeting options to pinpoint your core demographic.

From reaching a new audience, to building loyalty with existing customers, our team of social media experts excel in social engagement.