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Driving attention and growth for brands.

Social Media marketing success requires both consistency and an effective strategy to stand out. If your looking for an agency to help your brand, it’s probably with one of a few different challenges:

  • Not satisfied with the quality or consistency of your existing content?
  • Aren’t seeing a return on investment in your social activity?
  • Not growing your visitors or winning enough work?

For us, the goal for your social media activity is simple, it should always be growth; growth in your followers, growth in your engagement, and ultimately growth in your sales.

How we help

  • Content

  • Audience

  • Platforms

  • Strategy

How to make your content more creative and distinctive?

Posting content that makes your audience more likely to engage with you?

Understanding who your ideal audience is and how you find them?

How to nurture an engaged audience?

How do you build loyalty with your existing audience?

Which platforms are going to be optimum for your audience?

How consistently should you be posting on each platform?

How do you plan a successful social media campaign?

How often should you be promoting your services vs how often you should be sharing your ideas?

Driving growth through social media

Fireworx is a multi-award-winning marketing agency specialising in social media, marketing strategy, creativity, and digital.

We believe that when it comes to successful social media marketing, people, ideas, and creativity kick the hell out of just AI generated or standard content alone.

We know that the brands that perform the best on social are the ones that people feel compelled to talk about, the ones that earn a place in people’s lives by being memorable, useful, relevant, different, or entertaining. Achieving that isn’t easy. That’s where we come in.

Our approach focuses on helping brand’s define their competitive advantage, grow their brand awareness, and support them in reinforcing established relationships with existing customers. Alongside this we help find a balance between short-term conversion efforts and long-term relationship-building initiatives, with prospective customers.

Supporting some of the UK’s fastest growing brands

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Ready to help with your
social media challenge.

As a challenger agency our approach delivers results, if we didn’t we’d reduce our fees. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our case studies for examples of the brands we’re already helping, or get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help you.

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