Photography & Videography.

Media production services.

Visual content is a core component of any effective marketing strategy, supporting the feelings and responses your campaign stimulates. As such, professional imagery captures and maintains the attention of your audience, whilst delivering your message in a succinct and digestible manner.

Our photography and videography services are designed to overcome your greatest challenges and integrate seamlessly with your marketing campaign. We achieve this by collaborating and communicating with you throughout the process from concept to delivery. Most importantly, we will develop a creative campaign that considers your goals, falls within budget and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Lights, camera, action.

Understanding your message will help us develop and deliver appropriate images and videos.

It involves more planning, but it’s the most effective and engaging method of delivering your message.

Show the human element of your business by including and celebrating the team that drives forward your business.

Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to be industry leaders with your photography and video ideas.

Bistech Filming Sport Website Rugby Photoshoot
Bistech Filming Computer Image Photography on set

Art direction.

DSLRs are becoming more affordable and smartphone cameras are improving in quality. However, tools are only as effective as the individual pressing the shutter.

Art direction is the most vital part of any successful shoot – whatever your business and whatever the subject of the shoot. A professional photographer or videographer will have a strong understanding of the concepts that make an attractive image or video. They will also take the time to research your business to ensure that newly delivered photographs and videos integrate with existing brand guidelines and don’t juxtapose. That means that they will consistently deliver great imagery, regardless of the client or brief.


The right photograph grabs the attention of your customer, client or web site visitor, long before they have even started to read any copy, separating you from your competitors, and highlights why customers should use you as a brand.

Equally, it should come as no surprise that top-quality photography is a major factor in boosting eCommerce conversions and helping to drive higher conversion rates, while adding images to your social media posts also generates higher levels of engagement.


In a 2016 study, Forbes found video boosted conversions by as much as 80% compared to written content, and that 88% of visitors then stay on the site longer.

For retail brands, visitors were also 64% more likely to make a purchase.